PotPetz are unique digital collectibles living on the XRP ledger. Created by renowned game artist Rashi Chandra, only 10,000 genesis Petz will ever exist from 483,000,000 possible combinations.

You will own the non-fungible token AND a permissive commercial license to monetise the underlying artwork.

Your NFT also acts as a platinum membership pass, offering early access and exclusive benefits to every product in the Aquarelle ecosystem, starting with our creator and learner platforms.

Best of all, after the initial sale you are free to buy, sell and transfer these NFTs and their associated rights and perks freely to anyone you wish using our easy to use community marketplace.


Artist, game designer or entrepreneur? Studio helps you create and distribute your NFT art, land and game collections on multiple chains.

Go from NFT idea to sale in minutes not months - no code required!

Creators will get a comprehensive platform out-of-the-box that features : no-code minting, IPFS and XUMM integration, royalty fees, tiered pricing sales, random drops, rarity explorer, community marketplace and a real-time analytics dashboard.

PotPetz owners get early access to the Studio and exclusive discounts on every project they create. Sign up for our waitlist as a creator or tester and get notified once our beta is live in late 2022.

10,000 Unique Petz

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Connect your Wallet

Step 1 : Create or import an XRPL account in your XUMM Wallet.

Step 2 : Fund your XUMM Wallet with XRP.

Step 3 : Sign-in with your XUMM Wallet by scanning the first QR code.

Step 4 : Scan the next QR code and authorise the transaction to buy your PotPetz NFT.

For a how-to sale guide, check out our PotPetz course on